December 31, 2016


Our team of highly experienced training professionals can customize the application of the models to your particular needs. The goal is your own mastery of the models and their application to your current and future needs, without a need for our future intervention. We like it when client organizations take full ownership and understanding of the way the models can benefit them now, in the medium run and in the long run. Our goal is to help everyone change the world. Yes, you will continue to make a profit. You will make more profits, and much longer so, guaranteed. Let’s just think through the lens of the true essence of success that we uncovered after over 150 years of continued combined search with research that spans for more than thousands of years. “When in doubt, do two things: follow in the footsteps of the great, and look inside.” We use our own true essence of success, of course. Christ himself used the same true essence of success. Anyone wants to take a quick “bet” and count how many followers did Christ have over the last two thousand years of humankind? If you look close enough you’ll realize everyone who has success uses the same true essence of success. Why continue to miss out?

Testimonials and Interactions

“Wow! I never looked at it that way.” (student of Adrian/Dr. P., Omaha, Nebraska, USA, January 2017)

“I love to read his articles. They always have a fresh perspective.” (Board member, Neighborhood Association, Omaha Nebraska, USA, January 2017)

“We’re going to have fun in this class!” (graduate student of Adrian/Dr. P., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, January 2009)

“Dr. Petrescu has been a great influence in my career. The interest he showed in his students was unequalled and his genuine concern for them always shone through. Likewise, his interest in the community at large was apparent in his lectures and conversations. A man of utmost integrity, Dr. Petrescu has always been interested in progress and innovation. These traits, along with his experience, will make him a great public servant.”
“El Dr. Petrescu ha sido una gran influencia en mi carrera. El interés que muestra en sus alumnos es sin igual y su genuino interés por ellos siempre se hace notar. Del mismo modo, su interés en la comunidad en general era evidente en sus conferencias y conversaciones personales. Un hombre de alto nivel de integridad, el Dr. Petrescu siempre ha estado interesado en el progreso y la innovación. Estas características, junto con su experiencia, le servirán para ser en un servidor público effectivo.” (student of Adrian/Dr. P, Brownsville, Texas, USA, April 2007)

“Thank you for teaching and sharing some of the vast knowledge you posses. I hope that one day I will have acquired some knowledge to perhaps match your own. I will be able to stand my ground and defend my own opinions.
I saw you would question every possible solution to a stated problem in class discussions.
You made us aware that to fully comprehend a situation we have to look at the problem from different angles and explore the possibility that a problem may consist of many intermingled problems. I hope I don’t forget all you taught us.
You are so passionate about what you teach and that is very refreshing in any professor. Students appreciate such energy in teachers. I spoke with other classmates and your enthusiasm kept coming up.
I hope that you do not become disillusioned with society and/or your students.” (student of Adrian/Dr. P, Brownsville, Texas, USA, December 2007)

“What is that contraption in the back of your vehicle?” “It is a solar coffee maker.” “A what?” “A solar coffee maker.” “How do you mean? I guess what I’m asking is how does it work.” “Simple: you place it in the sun, careful to have the axis of the cone face exactly the sun–on a straight line towards the sun, and you put your coffee in the water inside this bottle, and wait until the coffee boils. It’s fast, as the temperature there can get up to 273 degrees C.” “That’s all it does, make coffee?” “No, you can take a shower with it. You can power a small steam engine too.” “That’s all crazy talk. I don’t believe you. Go! Just go! I don’t like to talk to crazy people” (Dialogue with police officer having pulled over our vehicle, Tîncăbești, România, 1982)

“Madam Director, is it possible that we study solar energy and its utilization in boys and girls scouts after school in Physics Circle. I have here an MoU whereby the University offers all the equipment for free for the use of the students. My teacher, Mrs. T, fully supports this idea and she promised that she will lead the study and the experiments, and she will guarantee that the equipment is used in good order and with much care” “No, there is no place in the school where we can safely store the equipment without the risk of it being stolen” “I found this unused place under the stairs of entrance C, right in the school courtyard. It has a door that’s currently open. If we lock that door it’s the perfect place.” “No. It won’t work.” “Think about it, Madam Director, this is about the future of energy production.” “No, I made up my mind. It doesn’t work!” (Dialogue between Adrian and his high school Principal, Bucharest, România, 1981)