The Flow State

A picture tells a thousand words. To address challenges one needs skill. Of course. So far nothing new. Yet, almost all the skills that are being taught are learned skills. Their application is then done somewhat mechanical. We drive a vehicle. Driving consists of a multitude of trained conditioned reflexes. Instead, utilizing our models we develop skills that are no longer simply mechanical repetitions of a learned algorithm. The skills in the flow state are so much different than anything known consciously.

Let’s think about it for a second.


  • How fast does a hummingbird move its wings?
  • Can the human brain consciously move/control anything as fast?
  • What about the hummingbird’s brain itself?
  • Do we see it? Challenge: really high. Out of this world high of a challenge.
  • Skill? It better be proportional to the challenge.
  • How do we do that? We ought to appeal to things we do in flow. It’s that simple!

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