Follow in the Footsteps of the Great. Look inside. Repeat.

What makes this AEQUILIBREA Model unique?

Don't just improve your business, career, life or relationships. Change the World! Dramatically!
Go to Half a Billion Years

Half a Billion Years

Our highly customized model of consultancy and training has the intent by design to make clients’ dependence on us least possible and clients’ self-reliance highest possible after as short as possible an engagement of our firm. We use natural flow techniques that have demonstrate-ably made success feasible for half a billion years.

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Different but old

It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. The one and only that actually works. 7,200,000,000 people are living proof!



We are excited by the prospect of guaranteeing to our clients that they’ll be changing the world in no time! What else can get you as excited as radically improving the world? Radically improving yourself and your business so that you become a walking human canon for up-ability-izing the entire future of humankind?



Words you can express in 30 seconds or less can truly radically change the entire world? Isn’t that the ultimate mystery? It’s under the hood of my vehicle. For those with eyes to see. It’s in my pocket. I’m wearing it most likely. It’s everywhere. I’m surrounded by the solutions. They jump at me from everywhere. Except I see them and so many around us don’t see them… It’s simply offering people another several pairs of eyes…



It’s not contrarian at all. It’s the only non-contrarian thing there is. Everything else is contrarian. Flow flows. Flow that flows cuts through anything contrarian in its way. Nothing resists flow. Try to oppose flow and see what happens. Flow wins.

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Original and Undetected

It is not at all original. It is the most common (yet oddly enough undetected, yet) thing there is. It is not original at all. It is out in plain view for everyone to see. We use its benefits every day. In everything we do. We know how to breathe, don’t we? Air is air. Water is water. Plants are plants. They all are. We are. Are we at all original? Are plants? Is air? Water? Did we say flow flows?;)


From pure Economics to Law, Politics, Leadership ... and Change Management. Train the human brain to enable it to turn on previously not known but available performances and their very self-acceleration capabilities.
"Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you." - Aldous Huxley
  • Every person on this planet desires to be happy. We know anyone who purposefully seeks to be sad? To be unsuccessful? To be a failure? To do their best to die earliest possible without leaving a/any mark on the world?

  • Ultra highly customized access to select tens of thousands of case studies immediately applicable to the case at hand. The Nikon Matrix Metering system for business strategic planning for very long term success.

  • Note that it is never success that one needs to measure to know how to achieve success. That successful train has left the station long ago. Only failure teaches you about success. Only false negatives need to be eliminated. Knowing how is the tricky part. Not even Edison managed to do it, and it took others a hundred years to achieve the goal of eliminating the inherent false negatives...

  • Everybody knows it. It's out in the open. Superperformance is reachable. To the individual and to firms. Yet, only very few see it and adopt the "not-so-magic" easy formula.


With Particular Body of Knowledge, Drives and Skills to High Perform Consultancy Services, Mentoring Schemes, Disruptive Coaching and Training Programs: subject to Accountable and Ecological Codes of Conduct.

Adrian Petrescu

Senior Partner
Professional Vision in Policy Making, Former Program Director, MPA Program, and Associate Professor, College of Business at Bellevue University Former Professor of Graduate Studies at UMUC Europe Studied Law at Creighton University School of Law Studied Public and International Affairs at University of Pittsburgh

Ovidiu Panea

Senior Partner
Vicepresident CoEvolve, NLP certified trainer & member ITANLP by dr. John Grinder, Certified Partner by jobEQ, Six Thinking Hats Trainer by deBono TS. HEEPP co-creator,

Monica Panea

Senior Partner
President CoEvolve Certified NLP Master Practitioner (SNLP) by dr. Richard Bandler, Certified Partner by jobEQ, Performance Coach.


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